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Exhibitors Eligibility:
1. Junior Division members must be enrolled in the 4-H Dog Project.

2. Exhibitor must own his project dog either individually or in partnership with parent or guardian, during the complete duration of the project.

3. Exhibitor may bring & exhibit only 1 dog per class.

4. Members must complete the Pet Animal e-Record and Dog Supplement: and turn it into the Washington County Extension Office by July 10 for judging.

Dog Eligibility:
1. Dogs entered must have been a part of the project since May 1 or before.

2. After once earning a score of 170 and above in obedience, 90 and above in showmanship, 70 and above in rally competition as a 4-H project at the fair, that same dog is no longer eligible for exhibition in that or lower classes, at any following fair.

3. A dog with a title in rally or obedience from any national dog organization, is disqualified from entering the class for which the degree was awarded, or any lower class, except; if the degree was won less than 4 months before fair, then the dog is eligible for entry in the same class. Rule No. 1 above takes precedence over this rule.

4. Dogs can only be shown in one class (Level that the dog is currently being shown). The member's years in 4 H has no bearing on which class to enter his dog except sub novice.
Sub-novice A is only open to first year dogs and project members. Exhibitor may show a different dog in obedience, showmanship and rally provided they meet qualifications.

5. Bitches in season may not be exhibited.

6. Dogs which are deemed to be a danger to people or other dogs can and will be removed from the show grounds and all classes forfeited.

7. Show proof of vaccination for canine distemper virus and parvovirus within 3 years or serum titers indicating proof of effective immunity on file in 4hOnline file by May 1st. Show current Rabies vaccination certificate; titers not accepted.

8. Do not bring dogs who have shown signs of respiratory, gastrointestinal, or skin disease within 7 days prior to show.

9. Hybrid Dogs (wolf/coyote) will not be allowed to enter the Colorado State 4-H Dog Trials

Special Rules
1. Colorado 4-H Dog Trial rules apply to this show. A copy of the complete 4-H Dog Trial information can be requested at the Washington County Extension Office (970-345-
2287) or online at

2. 4-H Competition will be divided into three divisions, Junior (8-10 yr old), Intermediate (11-13 yr old), and Senior (14 & over) by December 31st of previous year.


3. All exercises will be judged according to the latest AKC Junior Showmanship, Rally and Obedience guidelines except that registry of dog with AKC is not required. Some exercises and rules may have been adapted from AKC to better serve the youth of this program.

4. Dogs must be on a leash at all times except when performing exercises off leash in the show ring. No dog tags can be on the dog when showing in the ring. This includes name tags, rabies tags, or anything else that hangs from the dog’s collar.

5. Dog Show officials can and will dismiss any entrant or his/her family from the show for any mistreatment of dogs entered in this show. Likewise, any negative behavior on the part of exhibitor, family members or leaders will result in disqualification and forfeit of awards.

6. All exhibitors are responsible for clean-up after their dogs. Failure to do so can be a basis for dismissal from the show.

7. Exhibitors must be in appropriate dress for competition; no flip-flop sandals, short-shorts, thin-strapped t-shirts, or clothing with inappropriate words or graphics.

8. Showmanship: All 4-H members are required to show in showmanship and limited to one dog per exhibitor. Novice classes are for members in their first year in the 4-H dog project and have no prior outside showmanship experience. Small dogs will be examined on a table for showmanship.


Showmanship and Record books will be scored as follows:
Blue - 85 to 100

Red - 70 to 84

White - 69 or lower points.

9. Obedience: Some exercises and rules may have been adapted from AKC to better serve the youth of this program. The length of your obedience leash is required to be six feet for all Sub Novice classes, but may be shorter for all other obedience classes. No dog tags can be on the dog when showing in the ring. This includes name tags, rabies tags, or anything else that hangs from the dog’s collar.


Obedience will be scored as follows:

Blue-170 to 200

Red-140 to 169

white 139 or lower points.

10. Rally: All jump heights will conform with current AKC height and broad jump recommendations. Each member will be allowed only one run in each class with the dog who has qualified for that class. Walk-through will be announced. Youth will not be allowed to walk through the pattern at any time other than the official walk-through time.


Rally will be scored as follows:

Blue 100-70

Red -69-50
White - 49 or lower points

11. In all classes, ten points will be deducted in the Obedience and Rally classes for the following: strong correcting, disciplining, fouling the ring, excessive barking, leaving the ring, rules violation or showing fear.

12. Allowed collars in Obedience and Rally classes include: Flat or rolled leather with buckle or snap closure. Flat or rolled nylon collars with buckle or snap closure. Metal or nylon slip collar. No halties, gentle leaders, harnesses, or pinch collars will be allowed in the show ring. Collars and leads must be 2 separate pieces. Slip leads are not allowed.

13. Exhibitors entered in B classes will be judged at a higher skill level (handler errors) than handlers entered in A classes.



4-H/Junior Division Premiums:
Blue - $5.00; Red - $4.00; White - $3.00
Champion $15.00 and Reserve Champion $7.00
Trophies and Special Awards to be announced

1. Dog showmanship
     a) Junior Novice
     b) Junior Open
     c) Intermediate Novice
     d) Intermediate Open
     e) Intermediate Advanced
     f) Senior Novice
     g) Senior Open
     h) Senior Advanced
     i) Master Showman
2. Dog Obedience - (See Colorado 4-H Dog Trials for clarification)
     a) Puppy Class -
     b) Beginner Novice
         i. Novice A
         ii. Novice B
         iii. Novice
         iv. Novice C -2nd yr
    c. Novice
        i. Novice A
        ii. Novice B
    c) Graduate Novice
        i. Pre-Grad A
        ii. Pre-Grad B
        iii. Grad Novice A
        iv. Grad Novice B
    d) Advanced Obedience
        i. Open A & B
        ii. Grad Open A & B
        iii. Utility A & B
    e) Cloverbud Fun Class - youth 5-7 years
    f) Veterans Obedience - dog 7 years old or over
        i. Novice Veteran
        ii. Pre-Grad Novice Veteran
        iii. Grad Novice Veteran
        iv. Open Veteran
        v. Grad Open Veteran
        vi. Utility Veteran
3. Rally
    a) Novice A
    b) Novice B
    c) Intermediate A
    d) Intermediate B
    e) Advanced/Excellent A
    f) Advanced/Excellent B
    g) Excellent A
    h) Excellent B
    i) Advanced A
    j) Advanced B
    k) Excellent A
    l) Excellent B
    m) Cloverbud Fun Class
4. Dog Agility
    a. Exhibition - All levels


This information will be updated annually or as rules and regulations change.


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