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Horse Dept.


Judge - *TBD
LESLIE MANLEY, Superintendent

Entries Close: Tuesday, July 23

Contact Extension Office for Entry Forms (970) 345-2287

Show: Tuesday 8:00 a.m.

Special Rules:
1.) This department is governed by the rules and regulations of the Eastern Colorado

2.) All participants are required to wear ASTM/SEI approved helmets for all over/fence
     classes and gymkhana events, activities and practice sessions. (If you do not own one,
     one will be provided for you at the gate)

3.) Entries for all youth exhibitors close prior to fair on July 23.

4.) Show will start promptly at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday.

5.) All Junior Division classes are for Washington County 4-H/FFA. They are required to
     follow Colorado 4-H horse rules on dress.

6.) Junior Division classes will be divided into four age groups as follows: Seniors - 14
     yrs old & older; Intermediate - 11, 12, 13 yrs old; Juniors - 8, 9, 10 yrs old; and Tiny
     Tots/County Youth - 5, 6, 7 yrs old. Tiny Tot/County Youth classes are for any child
     living in the county. An office charge will be charged but no entry fee will be charged
     and no premiums will be paid. Awarded participation ribbons only.

7.) Open classes are only open to in-county residents 18 years old or under. Open class
     exhibitors will show combined with junior exhibitors with points kept separately for
     each division.

8.) Besides the entry fees, all open class participants will be charged $1.00 per horse and
     $2.00 per event office charge. Junior participants will be charged $1.00 per horse and
     $1.00 per event office charge. Pay fees at the time of entry.

9.) For Open Division classes a $5.00 entry fee will be charged. This fee will be paid
     back on a 50-30-20 percent basis. No entry fees will be charged for Junior Division

10.) TRAIL CLASSES: A special area will be set up for trail classes. Trail will follow
      performance classes prior to speed events.

11.) To be eligible for the All Around in each division, the same horse must show in
      appropriate showmanship classes and three or more performance classes (1 must be a
      speed event). In the event of a tie, showmanship placing will break the tie.

12.) The superintendent has the option of canceling or combining classes as conditions

13.) Exhibitors must provide their own wood chips/ shavings if they stall.

14.) Exhibitors must clean out their stalls before checking their animals out to receive
       their $10 deposit.

15.) Horses will not be required to be stalled for the duration of the fair. However, stalls
      can be reserved. Any 4-H/FFA Horse participant that does stall their horses will be
      eligible for the Herdsman Awards.

16.) 4-H rules will apply to all classes. Junior Division Premiums


Showmanship Premiums:
1st - $10; 2nd - $8; 3rd - $6; 4th - $4; 5th - $2
Class Premiums: 1st - $10.00; 2nd - $8.00; 3rd - $6.00
Champion - $15.00; Reserve Champion - $10.00
Grand Champion - $25.00
Reserve Grand Champion - $15.00


Special Awards:

$25 to High Point Senior Youth

(Junior and Open Divisions Combined)


1.) Mares, weanlings
2.) Mares, yearlings
3.) Mares, 2-3 yrs old
4.) Mares, 4 yrs and older
5.) Champion and Reserve Champion Mare
6.) Geldings, yearlings
7.) Geldings, 2-3 yrs old
8.) Geldings, 4 yrs and older
9.) Champion and Reserve Champion Gelding
10.) Ponies, small, under 46 inches
11.) Ponies, large, 46-54 inches
12.) Champion and Reserve Champion Pony
13.) Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Halter Horse


(Must show your own animal)


14-O.) Open Showmanship
14-J.) Senior Showmanship
15.) Intermediate Showmanship
16.) Junior Showmanship
17.) Tiny Tot Showmanship (w/ an adult)



18.) English Pleasure
19.) Tiny Tot Western Pleasure - Walk/Trot
20.) Jr Western Pleasure
21.) Int Western Pleasure
22.) Sr Western Pleasure
23.) Open Western Pleasure
24.) Junior Horsemanship
25.) Intermediate Horsemanship
26.) Senior Horsemanship
27.) Open Horsemanship
28.) Junior Reining
29.) Intermediate Reining
30.) Senior Reining
31.) Open Reining
32.) Tiny Tot Trail
33.) Junior Trail
34.) Intermediate Trail
35.) Senior Trail
36.) Open Trail
37.) Tiny Tot Barrels
38.) Junior Barrels
39.) Senior Barrels
40.) Open Barrels
41.) Tiny Tot Poles
42.) Junior Poles
43.) Intermediate Poles
44.) Senior Poles
45.) Open Poles
46.) Tiny Tot Keyhole
47.) Junior Keyhole
48.) Intermediate Keyhole
49.) Senior Keyhole
50.) Open Keyhole


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This information will be updated annually or as rules and regulations change.
* To Be Determined

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