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Junior Livestock Sale

- Chairman
Junior Livestock Sale Committee

1. According to Colorado State Fair Commission, no animals will be admitted to Junior
    Show at the Colorado State Fair if they have been entered and sold at the Eastern
    Colorado Roundup Junior Livestock Sale. However, these animals are eligible to be
    shown in the open division of the State Fair.

2. All cattle, sheep, hogs, meat goats, meat/market rabbits and poultry to be sold in
    livestock sale must have been shown prior to sale in a market class at Eastern
    Colorado Roundup.

3. All exhibitors must show in their assigned showmanship class in the species they are
    selling in the sale. Any exhibitor who chooses not to show in showmanship in a
    specific species will not be allowed to sell in that species.

4. Animals will be weighed for class distinction, as indicated in the program schedule.
    This weight will be used for the sale weight. Weights - steers (1050#-1550#), market
    heifers (1000#-1550#), market goats (#50–110#), market hogs (220#-290#) and market
    lambs (100#-170#) will be standard used.

5. A 5% commission will be deposited to Washington County Junior Livestock Sale
    Committee on all animals sold. This 5% commission will be used to finance next years
    sale. Any amount above budgeted items will be added to the Sale Commission Fund
    grant program This program is available to any livestock oriented event to benefit
    youth of Washington County.

6. Animals will sell in three rounds in the following order

Round 1: Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, and Champion Rate of Gain of each species; followed by Division Champions and Reserve Champions (Light to Heavy Weights);
Round 2: consisting of all youth selling their first animal of the sale, those who have not previously sold in round 1
Round 3: youth selling their second animal of the sale. Rounds 2 and 3 will be made up of small sets of animals per species in random order.


7. In order for an exhibitor to sell in Round 1 of the sale their animal must be exhibited in
    the Parade of Champions that is sponsored by the Eastern Colorado Roundup. Any
    animal that does not participate in accordance with the superintendent of that
    department will not be allowed to sell in the first round and will be put into Round 2
    of the sale.

8. Jr. Exhibitors may consign a total of two animals in the sale, no more than one animal
     of any species per person. Market animals not consigned to the sale may be shipped to
    the Packer at buy back price. A $5.00 per animal fee will be deducted from sale checks
    on all animals shipped that did not go through the sale.

9. The sale will be limited to 144 lots. This will include 35 animals from Beef, Swine,
    Sheep and Goats plus the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion from Poultry and
    Rabbits. If a species does not fill all of its 35 spots in the sale, the remaining spots can
    be moved to another species (except poultry/rabbits) to maintain the 144 lots total. If
    all spots are filled, exhibitors will be entered into the sale based upon class placing.

10. Exhibitors are responsible for the health and welfare of their animals until the animals
      are removed from grounds. In addition, exhibitor will absorb the loss of an animal
      that fails to pass Federal meat inspection requirements at packing plant. Exhibitors
      must comply with Wholesome Meat Act provisions as outlined in General Livestock
      Rules. Any testing assessed by packer will be charged to seller.

11. Consignments for sale animals and extra market animals to be shipped close at 2:00
      p.m. Thursday in the Extension Office.

12. If the consignor is not present at the sale ring when their number is called, they will
      fall to the bottom of the list.

13. Bill of sale for market beef must be at preliminary weigh-in.

14. Beef animals must be led into the sale ring in order to sell.

15. Payment including any additional premiums will be collected from the buyers at the
      conclusion of the auction. Sellers will receive checks with appropriate deductions
       after all buyer funds are collected. This may take some time so do not expect check
      immediately after the fair.

16. Photos of animals must be taken. Check with barn superintendents or Extension Office
      for time and location. Photos and thank you card to mount photo on may be picked up
      after 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon in the south room of the Event Center. After 5:00 p.m.
      photos may be picked up in the sale ring. All animals being sold in the sale must have
      a picture taken to give to buyer.

17. In addition to the seller’s photo thank you poster, all exhibitors must write a thank you
      card to the buyer. Sale checks will not be released until the thank you card(s) have
      been turned into the Extension Office. Cards must be stamped and addressed to buyer,
      with youth’s name and address as return address.

18. Any animal may check out Saturday morning with Superintendent to go to Brush
      Livestock Sale. Animal must be listed as a take home on sale consignment form.

19. Sale BBQ – will begin at 4:30 p.m. on Friday under the pavilion in the southeast
      corner of the fairgrounds.

20. Tri-State Show – Grand & Reserve Champions of each species are eligible for Tri
      State Show. If an exhibitor selling their animal in the Jr. Livestock Sale wants to
      participate in the Tri-State Show, they must declare intentions on their consignment
      form and pick up and complete a contract from the extension office. Exhibitor will be
       required to make arrangements with the owner of the animal in order to participate in
      the Tri-State Show.

21. Any exhibitor showing in more than one county may only sell in one junior livestock
      sale per year.

22. Only high school FFA members and 4-H members in good standing will be allowed
      to sell in the junior livestock sale.

23. Only the Grand and Reserve Champion Market Rabbit and Market Poultry will be
      allowed to sell in the junior livestock sale.

24. No catch-it program animals will be allowed to sell in the junior livestock sale.

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This information will be updated annually or as rules and regulations change.


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