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Kids Pedal Tractor Pull



Event Sponsored by:
Akron FFA Chapter

Event Time:
Saturday 10:30 a.m.
(On the Midway)



1. Participants must register in the midway by the event 30 minutes prior to the event
    starting time.

2. All pulls will begin from a tight hitch.

3. No "jerking" will be allowed.

4. When forward progress stops the pull is over. No pushing by hand or feet will be
    allowed. (No assistance by others will be allowed except to help the younger children

5. In case of a tie, a pull-off will be held to determine the winner and second place for
    that class.

6. The first puller in each age bracket will be the test puller. If the sled must be re-
    weighted, the first puller will be given the option of pulling right away or waiting until
    later in the class.

7. The tractor and sled must remain in the boundaries of the pull. Crossing the boundaries
    will stop the pull. Contestants or their parents should pick up their vouchers before
    leaving the pull area. Concessionaires and or the sponsors are not responsible for lost
    or misplaced winner vouchers. (You must have your voucher to participate in the State
    or the National Pull.) Pulls will be by age group. Starting with age four and pulling
    through age twelve. Contestant must be the age of that class he or she will be pulling on
    the day of the pull. There will be separate divisions for boys and girls in each age
    group. Every means possible should be taken to insure a safe, fun pull for the children
    as well as for the onlookers.

***The state pull has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions.


This information will be updated annually or as rules and regulations change.


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