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Grand Marshal - Bobbi Hawkinson
Grand Marshal

  Hawkinson’s love of the fair began at the age of nine when she joined 4-H as a member of the Rock Ridge 4-H Club. After the need arose for a club north of town for those interested in 4-H, she and her siblings were original members of the Country Club 4-H Club. She was in 4-H in Washington County for nine years.

  Over the years in the Country Club, she held all the different offices at one time or another, and also attended 4-H camp at Cameron Pass. Her main projects were livestock, although she took sewing as a project for two years. During her time in 4-H, she attended Colorado State Conference as a member of the judging team. They won second place in the state judging contest and just missed being able to go to the national judging contest.

  Her livestock projects brought her many awards. She was Grand Champion in dairy eight years in a row with her Jersey, Susie-Q. She was Grand Champion in horse with the family's horse, Smokey. Hawkinson also received first place in dairy showmanship for eight years. She participated in the Round Robin contest all eight years she took livestock, and also won the Herdsman Award, which was sponsored by the Sterling Livestock Commission.

  In the catch-it contests, Hawkinson caught a calf and a lamb. She participated in many livestock judging shows and was the only girl on the Washington County Livestock Judging team. For many years, Hawkinson served as a member of the Washington County drill team. "I was delighted when I was given the position of carrying the American flag and posting the colors," Hawkinson said.


Special Rules:
1. Any group, firm, person or organization may enter one or more units in the street
    parade. Floats will be judged on the basis of originality, beauty, workmanship and use
    of theme.

2. Floats competing for prizes should clearly indicate sponsorship, in order that judges
    can identify and properly allocate the awards.

3. All participating entrants being judged must assemble at 8:30 a.m. Other participants
    assemble at 8:45 a.m. Parade starts at 10:00 a.m.

4. Proper spacing is desirable. Every distinct entry is to maintain distance between itself
    & leading unit, as indicated by parade manager 50 feet, unless otherwise directed.

5. The parade will be routed as follows: Form at the north end of street, facing south on
    Main; then south on Main to Second Street; then west to Custer; then north two blocks.

6. Cash prizes will be awarded to outstanding parade floats by three impartial judges,
    who will base their awards on various features, such as attractiveness, symmetry,
    appropriateness, entertainment, workmanship, originality in motif or design, etc.

7. To protect the safety of children from running under a float, candy or other items shall
    not be tossed from the float.

8. No motorized vehicles will be allowed in youth division.

9. All junior parade Participants (under 14 years of age) will be judged on the same basis
    as indicated above.

10. Any entry may be denied permission to enter the parade for just cause. Objectionable
     features would include anything that is offensive, unworthy or improper for exhibition.
     Entry packets are available at: CSU Extension Office or TBK Bank

Parade Route
Parade Route


This information will be updated annually or as rules and regulations change.


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