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1. First and second place winners in each department from senior and intermediate
    divisions are eligible to compete in the Round Robin. Contestants must officially enter
    the Round-Robin showmanship at the Extension Office by 4:00 p.m. Thursday
    afternoon. A master list of contestants will be posted at the Extension Office Thursday
    after entries close. If an exhibitor places first or second in more than one species the
    third or next highest-ranking exhibitor will be eligible to complete in the Round Robin

2. Contestants must exhibit their own animal unless approved by the respective

3. Showmanship in the show ring will begin at 8:00 a.m. Once exhibitors are in place
    there will be four minutes of showing per species. The timer will announce the start,
    one minute remaining, and the end of show time Showmanship will be worth 50 points
    per species.

4. Results and awards will be presented in the sale ring at the beginning at the Junior
    Livestock Sale at 6:15 p.m. Friday evening. It is requested that contestants be present
    in order to take pictures with the award sponsors.

5. Judges may ask contestants questions as part of the scoring.

6. The contest will evaluate showing ability and not the preparation of the animal. It is
    recommended that livestock be blown out, combed, and clean as possible however
    full show preparations and grooming are not necessary.

7. Additional animals may be used to prevent livestock from tiring and becoming
    uncooperative. Additional livestock will be approved by the superintendant.

8. Exhibitors may be disqualified by the superintendant or judge(s) for reasons of safety,
    improper animal handling, or cheating.

9. Exhibitors should bring an adult or capable person to hold livestock in between rounds.


Judging Criteria:
Showing of the animal: 50 possible points:
1. Control of animal
2. Poise and coolness of exhibitor
3. Skill in showing
4. Continuous attention
5. Keeping animal standing to advantage
6. Ability to stand or move animal as requested by judge
7. Response to questions
Total: Up to 350 Points Possible in Round Robin.

Special Awards:
Sr Champion Showman Buckle
Sponsored By: TBD
Sr Reserve Champion Showman Buckle
Sponsored By: TBD
Int Champion Showman Buckle
Sponsored By: TBD
Int Reserve Champion Showman Buckle
Sponsored By: TBD



1. All 4-H Livestock record books must be turned into the Extension Office by or before
     the Tuesday prior to fair.

2. A completed record book is required for all 4-H projects or the member will not be
    allowed to enroll in that project the following year.

3. Record books will be judged following the fair and results announced at the 4-H
    Achievement Program.

4. 4-H record books will be judged in three age divisions: junior, intermediate, and
    senior exhibitors.

5. FFA exhibitors must turn in their up-to-date record books to the Vo-Ag Instructor prior to the fair.

Special Awards:
4-H Livestock Record Book Awards
(1st-10th in each division) - $20 Cash Award
Sponsored by: Y-W Electric Association
4-H Livestock Record Book Awards
Division Champion—$25
Division Reserve Champion -$15
Sponsored by: Washington County 4-H Council


This information will be updated annually or as rules and regulations change.


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