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Special Rules

1.) This department is governed by the rules and regulations of the Eastern Colorado
      Roundup. Check Rules and Regulations for any changes or additions. See Index for
      page numbers.


2.) All female sheep (including market ewe lambs) must have scrapie premise tags as
      required by Federal and State of Colorado law.


3.) All breeds or crossbreeds, either wethers or ewes are eligible for market classes. All
      market lambs must be weighed and ear tagged on designated date 80 days prior to fair
      to be eligible to show in market classes. Minimum weight for market lambs 100#;
      maximum weight 170#. Lambs must be slick shorn (1/4” or less) before weigh-in at


4.) Exhibitors must provide their own wood shavings/chips for bedding.


5.) Market Lamb weigh-in Tuesday at 2:00 p.m.


6.) All Stall Fees MUST be paid prior to weigh-in.


7.) Exhibitors must clean out their stalls before checking their animals out on the last day
      of fair.

8.) Base date for computing ages of breeding sheep is September 1.


9.) Where two exhibitors do not have three or more entries in each class, the entries will
      be combined in another breeding sheep class.


10.) Consignment of sale animals and extra market animals to be shipped closes at 2:00
       p.m. on Thursday!



Classes will be set up at the discretion of the superintendent following weigh in.


1.) Feeder Lambs - up to 100 lbs.

2.) Lightweight Market Lambs

3.) Champion and Reserve Lightweight Market Lamb

4.) Mediumweight Market Lambs

5.) Champion and Reserve Mediumweight Market Lamb

6.) Heavyweight Market Lambs

7.) Champion and Reserve Heavyweight Market Lamb

8.) Grand Championand Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb

9.) Overweight Market Lambs - above 170 lbs.

10.) Pen of Two Lambs


Class Premiums:

1st - $10, 2nd - $8, 3rd - $6, 4th - $4, 5th - $2

Champion - $15; Reserve Champion - $10

Grand Champion - $25

Reserve Grand Champion - $15


Special Awards:

Buckle: Grand Champion Market Lamb

Sponsored by: Arickaree Tumbleweeds 4-H Club

Trophy: Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb

Sponsored by: Vale and Dorothy Blessing




(Junior Division Only - Must show your own animal)


1.) Senior division (14 years old and over)
2.) Intermediate division (11, 12 &13 years old)

3.) Junior division (8, 9, & 10 years old)


Class Premiums:

1st - $10, 2nd - $8, 3rd - $6, 4th - $4, 5th - $2


Special Awards:

Champion Sr, Intermediate and Jr Trophies

Sponsored by: Jack and Pam Priest

Champion Sr, Intermediate and Jr Buckles

Sponsored by: Silver Buckles 4-H Club - Jr

Miller's Landscaping and Feed - Int.

Banner Health - Sr



(Open Class)


Tiny Tot (7 and under) - No class premiums, participation awards may be given.


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(Junior and Open Divisions)




Class Premiums:

1st - $10, 2nd - $8, 3rd - $6

Ribbons will be presented to winners of 4th and 5th places.

Champion - $15; Reserve Champion - $10;


Special Awards for Junior Exhibitors only:

Grand Champion Jr. Breeding Sheep Trophy

Sponsored by: Arickaree FFA

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Breeding Sheep Trophy
Sponsored by: Don and Debbie Myers


1.) Ram, 1 yr and under 2 yrs.
2.) Ram lamb, born between Jan. 1 and May 31 of current year.

3.) Champion and Reserve Champion Ram.
4.) Ewe, 2 yrs. And over.
5.) Yearling Ewe, 1 yr. And under 2 yrs.
6.) Ewe lamb, born between Jan 1 and May 31 of current year.

7.) Champion and Reserve Champion Ewe.

8.) Pen of 2 ewes, under 1 yr.

9.) Pen of 2 yearling ewes, over 1 yr. and under 2 yrs.

10.) Pen of 2 lambs, under 1 yr.

11.) Get-of-Sire (4 sheep/ewes any age/rams under 2/ from one sire.)

12.) Grand and Reserve Grnad Champion Breeding Sheep.



Class Premiums:

1st - $10, 2nd - $8, 3rd - $6, 4th - $4, 5th - $2


Special Awards:

Champion Rate of Gain - $50.00 and Trophy

Sponsored by: Franke Family In Memory of Vernon Franke


1.) Open to Washington County 4-H and FFA members with sheep marketing projects.
      (See Department rules for complete set of Rules nad Regulations)

2.) Lambs must meet the weight requirements for the market sheep department.

3.) Contest judged on total gain. One point for each pound of gain.


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(Junior Division Only)

DAVID DEMERS Catch It Committee

Premiums: 1st - $10.00; 2nd - $8.00; 3rd - $6.00


Special Awards:

Champion Catch-It Lamb Buckle

Sponsored by: Transwest


Special Rules:

1.) Catch-It animals are not allowed to sell in the Junior Livestock Sale.

2.) In case of a tie in final scores the following will be used to break the tie:

    a.) Score of Sponsor Relations
    b.) Record book Score
    c.) Live Placing Score

3.) Members that have selected the breeding catch-it may also show in the junior breeding
      showin the catch-it class

4.) All ewe lambs must have scrapie premise tags as required by Federal and State of
      Colorado law.


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This information will be updated annually or as rules and regulations change.
* To Be Determined

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