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Special Rules

1. Will follow State 4-H Shooting Sports Contest rules.
2. Scoring will be based on 4-H rules. To qualify for State Fair, top five individuals for
     the Senior Shotgun Team will be selected by the following process:
     A. Four shoots/contests—3 practice sessions and the County Fair Shoot will be
          designated as qualifier shoots. The County Fair Contest Scores and their 2 best
          scores from each of the 3 disciplines will be used to determine the team members
          for State Fair Senior Team. To be eligible to shoot at National 4-H Contest the
          Senior shooter must compete in all 3 disciplines.
     B. Junior Shotgun—We can take a maximum of 15 Junior shooters to State Contest.
          We’ll do our best to include all interested Juniors up to the limit of 15.
     C. Archery – Teams consist of 4 members and 1 alternate. The County Fair Contest
          Scores will be used to rank the eligible youth. Then youth (& family) must commit
          to the State Contest – August 18-19 in Pueblo, or pass the spot to an alternate.



THURSDAY - July 16th at County Event Center
5:30 p.m. Air Rifle & Air Pistol

SATURDAY – July 18th at Shooting Club Range
8:00 a.m. .22 Rifle & .22 Pistol
9:00 a.m. Archery
10:30 a.m. Muzzleloading

SUNDAY – July 19th at County Shooting Club Range
1:00 p.m. Shotgun – All Events

Premiums: Blue - $3.00, Red - $2.00, White - $1.00

Champions & Res. Champion Rosettes – each discipline
Premium Gifts to Champion All-Around - Seniors, Intermediates
& Juniors Special Premium Gift Sponsors: to be announced

Ribbon Points:
Blue = 6 pts.     Red = 3 pts.     White = 0 pt.

  • Awards based on total ribbon points, regardless of number of events.
  • Awards presented to top two Juniors (8-10 years), Intermediates (11-13 years) and
     Seniors (14-18 years).
  • Ribbons - Blue Ribbon = 75% of total possible
                     Red Ribbon = 50-74% of total possible
                     White Ribbon = 49% and below.
  • Tie Breakers - most blue ribbons; then actual event scores.


This information will be updated annually or as rules and regulations change.


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