Special Rules

1. Consignments for sale animals and extra market animals to be shipped close at 6:00 p.m., on Thursday!

2. This department is governed by the rules and regulations of the Eastern Colorado Roundup. Check rules and regulations for any changes or additions.

3. Hogs may be purebred, grade, or crossbred. Market hogs will be judged according to form and finish.

4. All market swine must be ear tagged and identification forms completed and returned to the Extension office by the designated date approximately 100 days prior to fair to be eligible to show in the market classes. (May 1st)

5. Animals shown in the single entries may be shown in the group entries.

6. Exhibitors cannot double up on group entries.

7. Exhibitors must provide their own wood shavings or chips for bedding.

8. All Stall Fees MUST be paid prior to weigh-in.

9. Weigh-in for Market Swine is 7:00 a.m. for youth in Horse Show and all others to follow.

10. Exhibitors must clean out their stalls before checking their animals out on the last day of fair.

11. Superintendent may release underweight hogs Saturday morning for alternative marketing.

12. Barrows exhibiting stag quality will not participate in show – at superintendents’ discretion.


Premiums: 1st - $10.00; 2nd - $8.00; - 3rd $6.00 4th - $4.00; 5th - $2.00

Champion $15.00; Reserve Champion - $10.00 Grand Champion - $25.00; Reserve Grand Champion - $15.00

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Awards Sponsored by:

Alan and Shantil Basler Family


Leon and Pat Payne

1. Catch-It

2. Feeder Pigs - up to 219 lbs. (Classes will be set up at the discretion of the superintendent following weigh-in.)
3. Best Feeder Hog of the Show.

4. Market swine 220-280 lbs. (Market swine will be classified into weight divisions at the discretion of the superintendent.)

5. Champion & Reserve Champion Market Hog (Jr. Division.)

6. Pen of Three Market Hogs, 1 per exhibitor (Jr. Division only.)

7. Champion/Reserve Pen of Three Market Hogs (Jr. Division.)

8. Grand/Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog of the Show.



(Junior Exhibitors Only) (Must show your own animal)

Premiums: 1st - $10.00; 2nd - $8.00; 3rd - $6.00; 4th - $4.00; 5th - $2.00

Champion & Reserve Champion Trophies Sponsored by:

Philip & Collette Sims


1. Senior division (14 years and over)

2. Intermediate division (11,12 and 13 years old)
3. Junior division (8, 9 and 10 years old)


(Junior Division Only)

Premiums: 1st - $10.00, 2nd - $8.00, 3rd - $6.00

Catch It Swine will be judged on the following:

Records............................................. 30%
Sponsor Relationship ........................ 50%
Show ring Placing on Market Swine ... 20%
or Tour Evaluation & Poster Display for Breeding Swine Option


Special Rules

1. If a youth only has the one market catch-it pig, it may sell at the Junior Livestock Sale. If the youth has other market pigs they may choose one pig to consign to the sale.

2. In case of a tie in final scores the following will be used to break the tie:

3. The youth participants must declare the breeding or market option on their application. Barrows or gilts will be purchased and distributed to participants next April.

4. Breeding gilts will not be shown at the county fair. Instead the Catch-it Committee will make project visits during the month of July to access the condition, health and current management of the gilt. The committee will assign a score that will be used in lieu of the “Live Placing” in the overall contest. (Maximum of 20 points.)

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