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 Every year, the Eastern Colorado Roundup celebrates the heritage of Washington County with a mixture of traditional values, local talent and a lot of hard work put in by the youth of Washington County and the Families that support them.


 What most people don't see is the hours of dedicated planning, hard word and execution that goes into successfuly bringing it altogether. This area is dedicated to those unsung heroes that strive to bring the best possible Fair experience to all who attend the Eastern Colorado Roundup.


The Fair Board would like to thank those who stepped up to help tie up the loose ends that allowed us to put on the best Fair possible.




The CSU Extension Office. Dennis, Sharon, Jeannie, Jamie and Gisele work year round for the benefit of Washington County.


The Washington County Maintenance Department who prepare the Grounds, Facilities, Vendors boothes and the parking areas in preparation for ALL events held at the Washington County Faitgrounds.


Washington County Sheriffs Dept who provides security during the concert.


Washington County Road and Bridge workers. Jason Lockard, Dickey Noletubby, TJ Hernandez (Maintenance Dept.) and Stan Adolph for building the Sled Pull Track and Clint Elliott, Vern Kessinger and Gene Serl for helping move the Sign racks and Light Plants.


Jim and Jason Santamasso for their talents during the Jr. Livestock sale, as well as the runners, Daisha Riofrio and Shay Benish who made their job look easy, never missing a buyer.


Val Kipp for her accounting expertise is keeping the Fair finances straight.


Dale Baker for the useof his equipment used for the Facebook LiveStream Events.


Stephanie, Jennifer and Linda Hill in the ticket office as well as the Gamm Omega Sorority, Annie Runtz, Kirsten Stahn, Jessica Filla and Alisha Thorn for taking tickets for the Sled Pull.


The Jr. Livestock Sale Committee


Our Sponsors can be seen by clicking on the following LINK


4-H Joanne Busing
Ag Beth Ray / Arickaree FFA
Beef Tom Reid
Bucket calves Jamie Jo Axtell
Dog Gisle Jefferson
Goat Katie Savolt
Horse Devony Bethel / Lisa Hunning
School Tenaly Bleak / Diane Kilgore
Poultry/Rabbits Collette Sims
Sheep Beth Ray
Swine Ryan Libra
Round Robin Mike Anderson
Home Ec. Mona McMillan / Virginia Sachjten


Royalty Chrissy Young
Gymkhana Kathi Hermes
Jr. Livestock Sale Corey Kessinger
  Justin Wylie
  Melanie Krening
Pedal Tractor Pull Mollie Dreitz / Akron FFA
Ranch Rodeo Trent Twiss
Mutton Busting / Calf Riding Bill & Cindy Christensen

Washington County
4-H Clubs and Head Club Leaders
Washington County
FFA Chapters and Advisors


Arickaree Tumbleweeds -----Shonda King Arickaree Tumbleweeds ------- Jackie Page Busy Beavers----------------Tyanne Kembel Country Club-----David & Dorothy DeMers Miscellaneous Mavericks---JoAnne Busing Otis Jackrabbits---- Mitch & Erin Kendrick Shooting Stars ---------Randy Schoenecker Silver Spurs ------------------ Sharon Vorce Sunnyside ------------------------Shera Kiess

Akron Chapter ---------------- Mollie Dreitz
Arickaree Chapter ------------- Bethany Ray
Lone Star Chapter --------- SaraLynn Vetter
Otis Chapter ----------------- Jessica Brown
Woodlin Chapter --------------- Katie Hatch






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